ERASMUS+ Work APPlication for Europe - Co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union



WELCOME to our international project "Work APPlication for Europe" which is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ Programme of the European Union. ...


Our project is an initiative of the two vocational colleges in Münster/Germany and Valkeakoski/Finland. The result should be an APP developed by the students, in which relevant working and living conditions - which show great differences in the EU - are shown. We will start with the two partner countries within the framework of the 2016 round. Long-term goal is to be an APP that shows the relevant data of all EU-countries. As a medium we have selected the MIT App Inventor, because the graphic interfaces used there make it easy for users to drag and drop graphical blocks to create an APP. The non-profit organization App Camps, which aims at inspiring young people with digital themes and programming, provides training materials. The working language is English.


The students will get an overview of European working and living conditions. These findings will contribute to greater transparency and increase the willingness of young adults to professional mobility in the European region. Cooperation with students of other nations leads to a better understanding of other cultures and their value estimation and this contributes to the development of an open and tolerant climate. Since the working language is English, the students will experience practically the meaning of foreign languages, which leads to a lasting improvement of language competences. In addition, the students learn to use digital media as a tool for their work. Research and processing of information enhance reading and writing skills. Since the students are involved in the project planning and implementation, teamwork, responsibility and other important social and personal competences are strengthened.


Co-operation and communication between the project partners take place primarily through the use of eTwinning. Preparatory visits and project meetings will deepen the communication between the involved parties. The working language will be English, as it is the international communication medium and a prospective participation of all European countries in our APP is striven for. Both partner schools are equally responsible for all project phases. There are two project management teams: one German with three colleagues and one Finnish with two colleagues. There are also two student teams: one German with 24 students and one Finnish with 15 students. At least once a month, the teams of project managers and the students team have to make contact via eTwinning and make project arrangements. In addition, two transnational project meetings of all parties involved are taking place: in September 2017 in Finnland and March 2018 in Germany.


The product from our consideration is the APP "Work APPlication for Europe". This will include a dynamic overview of the working conditions in both partner countries. These are, e.g. central questions on the taxation of income and on social security, as well as on the basis of the applicable labor law (working time, holiday, protection, etc.). As well the living conditions, such as the cost of living, as well as supply and leisure facilities and restrictions on the access to the country, are presented. The project work will lead the students to an increase in performance, self-initiative, self-confidence, their social competence and willingness to lifelong learning. The expansion of foreign language competencies as well as an expanded acceptance of the applicability of digital media will also take place. The APP will be available on the school homepages after completion of the project and indefinitely.


students from WEvKB met to do their first considerations on developing "Work APPlication for Europe". Come with us and see, what they have done :-) ...

(B. Heidler - N. Wessels)

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