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WELCOME BACK to our international project, which is co-funded by the ERASMUS+ programme of the European Union.

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This is the report of our 2nd student-exchange: Finnish students from VAAO in VALKEAKOSKI and German students from WEvKB in MÜNSTER are continuing the work they have started in Finland over half a year ago. ...

In the morning of Wednesday 07 March 2018, the Finnish students left Valkeakoski (HERE) together with their teachers to go to Helsinki Airport. The plane left at 4:30 pm and arrived at Düsseldorf Airport at 5:55 pm. Finally, at 8:30 pm the group arrived at their apartment in Münster (HERE).

The next day, our headmaster, Mr. Berger, gave a warm welcome to our Finnish guests and some of the German students that are also involved in the project work. Our special thanks goes to Lion, one of our German participants who held a presentation on the German school system and was even allowed to take a day off from his training workplace "Tischlerei Haverkamp" (HERE). Many thanks! After that we had a short tour around our school and equipped our Finnish guests with our school bikes, so that they have their own bicycles for their time in Münster. In the evening, all German and Finnish project participants came together at Mengus buffet to enjoy the rest of the day.

On Friday the Finnish students and some German participants met to proceed with the project work. Last-named had to take a day off and spent much of their leisure time to work together with the Finnish group and elaborate on our joint project. To effectively proceed with the app we first of all had to review the work we had already done in Finland. So, we took screenshots of the app and printed them out. Thus we were able to ckeck the content, correct it if necessary and make improvements. We had to check each letter and each sentence. This took quite a long time and everyone had to stay very focused. After that the results had to be programmed in HTML. Luckily, some of the Finnish students are "HTML-experts" and helped us a lot. So, we did not only learn about the Finnish and the German living and working conditions, we also got insights in programming with HTML. After a tough day of working the students were free to enjoy the nightlife of Münster.

On Saturday, the Finnish group took the train from Münster to Bochum to watch the football match of VLF Bochum (HERE) against Holstein Kiel. Before the match they had a guided tour of the Ruhrstadium, which also was a great experience. This overall impression of a German cultural heritage was great and therefore very impressive for our Finnish guests! Kiitos VLF Bochum!

Lara Heinze, a former participant and since then long-time supporter of our project work, guided the Fins around Münster, as part of a bicycle tour on Sunday in the morning. Thanks to Lara!

After experiencing Münster by bike, we also wanted to get to know the historical Münster on foot. So, the next morning started with a guided tour through the historical old city (HERE).

On Monday afternoon and Tuesday morning we continued or project work. Tuesday afternoon we visited the museum of laquer art (HERE).

On Wednesday, Lutz Lindemann (HERE) visited the project group to give us some new insights from a web designer`s perspective and help us with some professional ideas. Nearly all the German participants and of course all the Finnish students attended Lutz` workshop and collected important information on how the app could be improved in many ways. Not only the design but also content and marketing aspects were discussed. The day started with some input of Lutz who works as a professional app designer and became aware of our project a few weeks ago. After the group has been working together for several weeks, the new ideas were highly welcomed and very motivating. The students formed working groups that focused on different aspects like marketing, design, content, or concept. At the end of a very long and exhausting day a lot of new ideas have been gathered and the group made a huge step forward.

The zoo-keepers of the WEvKB have given us a special pleasure on Thursday morning: they explained with the help of powerpoint their training occupation, and even in english language! They have succeeded really well! Thank you very much! Afterwards we were allowed to visit te Zoo in Münster (HERE) and made a trip to the stars in the Planetarium (HERE).

Friday: whole day project work

Saturday: day-trip to cologne

Sunday: freetime activities

Monday: morning project work - afternoon for free

Tuesday: presentation of project work - farewell party


Wednesday: leaving Münster  ...  at home in VALKEAKOSKI ...

... hopefully to be continued in ERASMUS+ KA2 call 2018-2020 ...

(B. Heidler, N. Wessels)

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